Sep 05, 2019 /

A Note from Cathy: Economic Cooperation in Israel


I recently returned from my first visit to Israel since being named as the Republican Representative to the United Nations General Assembly. The trip renewed my strong commitment to ensure America remains a bipartisan, steadfast, and staunch friend to Israel.

I led a congressional delegation in important discussions with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ambassador David Friedman, and business leaders and workers in Judea and Samaria. In every meeting we asked, “What more can we do in Congress to defend Israel and promote peace?”

Across the board, their message was clear:

“Help us promote economic freedom and cooperation in Israel. BDS doesn’t just threaten Israel’s existence. For Israelis and Palestinian families, BDS hurts everyone’s ability to work, provide for our families, and earn a living.”

We didn’t just hear this from Israelis. We heard it from Palestinian business leaders and workers too, including Palestinians who are working side-by-side and earning equal pay with Israeli workers at Ariel’s Industrial Park.

CLICK HERE or the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) clip below to read more about why promoting economic freedom and cooperation in Judea and Samaria is critical.

Israel has been our longest and greatest ally in the Middle East. Know that I will continue to lead in Congress and at the United Nations to promote its security and prosperity.