Community Projects

For too long, Congress has ceded its Article I “power of the purse” to the Executive Branch, allowing the President of the United States more authority to determine how federal funds are spent. In 2021, Congress moved to reclaim control over this process by introducing the the Community Project process to allows Members of Congress to better target tax dollars to areas of need. 

This is an important change for Eastern Washington because under the current competitive grant process, cities, towns and organizations that already have the resources to hire grant writers have a competitive advantage over the rural areas that are really strapped for resources.

The Community Project process has helped our office identify where there are needs for funding in Eastern Washington and given us the ability to bring these needs to the attention of the Appropriations Committee to be addressed. This process is completely different from any “earmark” process of the past, as funding has been limited to units of local government or non-profits. Members are also required  to sign a financial disclosure for every project submitted, and every project must be made public on the member’s website. 

In accordance with these guidelines and our strong belief in transparency, you can find a complete list of Community Project funding submissions below.