Community Project Funding Submissions

Submitted April 30, 2021

*Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

WA-05 Community Project Funding Submissions Disclosure
Submitted April 30, 2021

*Projects are listed in alphabetical order

  1. Best Buddies Inclusion Project in Eastern Washington
    Best Buddies/Jen Gelhardt
    Recipient Address: 2617 S. Grant Blvd., Spokane, WA 99203
    Request: $53,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: This funding would allow Best Buddies to expand and add three chapters to high schools in the 5th congressional district of Washington. This program would benefit the people of Eastern Washington by fostering inclusion and compassion for individuals with disabilities in our school system.
    Financial Disclosure
  2. City of Airway Heights Water Replacement 
    Recipient: City of Airway Heights
    Recipient Address: 1208 S. Lundstrom Street, Airway Heights, WA 99001
    Request: $21,000,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The City’s domestic drinking water source has become unusable. Without a new water source, the city will have trouble meeting long-term federal Clean Drinking Water Act compliance.
    Financial Disclosure
  3. City of College Place Wastewater Treatment
    City of College Place
    Recipient Address: 430 Owens Road, College Place, WA 99362
    Request: $15,000,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The project is necessary to increase wastewater storage capacity and prevent non-compliant discharge to Garrison Creek.
    Financial Disclosure
  4. City of Spokane Northeast Infrastructure Wellesley-Freya to Havana
    City of Spokane
    Recipient Address: 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane WA 99201
    Request: $3,400,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The funding will help support road reconstruction improvements necessary to facilitate the development of up to 426,500 additional square-feet of industrial space and generate up to $1.6 million in annual County and City property taxes, which will be used for infrastructure improvements to attract additional private investment.
    Financial Disclosure
  5. City of Cusick Water Treatment Facility
    Town of Cusick
    Recipient Address: P.O. Box 263, 111 S 1st Ave, Cusick, WA 99119
    Request: $5,103,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The funding will help ensure the Town of Cusick and Kalispel Indian Reservation maintain potable water for residents. The water system is in a dire state, reflective of decades of deferred maintenance.
    Financial Disclosure
  6. Columbia Basin Project Odessa Groundwater
    Columbia Basin Development League
    Recipient Address: 203 Mission Ave, Cashmere, WA 98815
    Request: $2,000,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The Odessa Ground Water Replacement Program (OGWRP) is an environmental and regional economy rescue program focused on replacing deep well irrigation from the depleting Odessa Ground Water Management Subarea aquifer within the Columbia Basin Project service area with Project water supplies. Remaining ground water supplies will be reserved for domestic and municipal uses while preserving highly productive irrigated lands that drive thousands of jobs in the region. The program has completed all required environmental, water rights and Endangered Species Act reviews and is in phased construction.
    Financial Disclosure
  7. Malden Wastewater Project Recipient: Town of Malden
    Recipient Address: W. 204 Moreland Avenue, Malden, WA 99149
    Request: $6,000,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: Supports the Town of Malden’s Recovery following the Babb Road Fire in September 2020. The only solution is to install a sewer system for the entire Town.  This would be a brand new system that will include collection, treatment, and disposal.
    Financial Disclosure
  8. Spokane County Medical Examiner Technology
     Spokane County
    Recipient Address: 102 South Spokane St, Spokane, WA 99202
    Request: $1,125,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: This facility is essential to Washington’s 5th Congressional district because it is a critical way for residents to receive timely information about a family member’s death and is used as a conduit to inform the public and elected officials about death investigations and how the community might need to respond to certain crises. The funding would allow the facility to modernize equipment. Specifically, these funds will be used to purchase equipment such as a Computerized Tomography (CT) body scanner to support regional Medical Examiner and Coroner forensic death investigations.
    Financial Disclosure
  9. Spokane Sheriff COPS Technology
     Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
    Recipient Address: 1100 W. Mallon Avenue, Spokane, WA 99260
    Request: $480,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: Spokane Sheriff’s Department looks to promote public safety and foster an environment of social and economic prosperity. Property crimes are difficult to solve under the current modus operandi. Property crime DNA evidence takes a back seat at the crime lab. The Rapid DNA technology would allow the Sheriff’s office to run the samples themselves.
    Financial Disclosure
  10. Stevens PUD Waitts Lake/Valley Septage Reuse Project
    Stevens Public Utility District #1
    Recipient Address: PO Box 592, Loon Lake, WA 99148
    Request: $1,680,000
    Explanation of Project and Value to Taxpayers: The project provides environmental benefits and a solution for a facility that has run at or near capacity for the last five years. There are fewer and fewer options available in the area to dispose of septic waste. The facility expansion is necessary to maintain Clean Water Act compliance.
    Financial Disclosure