Dec 04, 2008 /

Help With a Federal Agency

Help With a Federal Agency

It can be hard to navigate the maze of federal agencies in order to answer your question or get help.  You may be able to find the information you are looking for online; that is why I’ve provided this partial list of federal agencies and some of the services those agencies provide.

Please feel free to contact my district office for help with a federal agency by filling out this online form so my office can make an initial inquiry on your behalf.  Although my staff members can’t guarantee a particular outcome, they can help you find the correct information, order forms and make inquiries on your behalf.

Help with a State or Local Agency

As a federal representative, I can only make inquries to federal agencies on your behalf.  If you’d like information from a state, county or local agency, please contact your state or local representative for help.  For your convenience, I provided this list of many state and local government agencies.