Oct 11, 2018 / Economy/Jobs

how tax reform is helping families in Eastern Washington


Did you know that tax reform is providing real results for Eastern Washington? Our economy is booming and optimism is soaring. Here are a few ways the people and businesses in our community are benefiting from these pro-growth, pro-family policies:

  1. Take-home pay is increasing for families of all income levels.
  2. We doubled the standard deduction so more of what you earn is tax free.
  3. We doubled the Child Tax Credit to help families with the cost of raising children.
  4. Jobs are being created and unemployment is at the lowest rate in nearly a half century, including 12,000 new jobs right here in Eastern Washington.
  5. Wages are rising — the largest increase in a decade. Wages have increased in every Eastern Washington county between 3-9%.
  6. My provisions in tax reform expanded ABLE accounts so people with disabilities can explore the workforce, find a job, and reach their full potential.
  7. We expanded 529 accounts to help parents save for education and provide more school choice.
  8. Tuition waivers for graduate students are still tax free.
  9. Because of tax reform, businesses are expanding parental and sick leave benefits to give parents more flexibility and time with their children.  

Tax reform is working to improve people’s lives in Eastern Washington, and it’s growing middle-class bank accounts. Republicans are closing loopholes, lowering rates, and giving you more economic confidence and security. As a result of our pro-growth and pro-family policies, Eastern Washington is Better Off Now.


P.S. The average household in Washington’s 5th District will see a tax cut of 13 percent and an increase in take-home pay of more than $17,000 over the next ten years. Click here to learn more.