Mar 18, 2015 / Values

McMorris Rodgers: Israel’s Election Reaffirms Our Friendship and Priorities

WASHINGTON D.C. – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) released the following statement following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection as Israel’s Prime Minister.

“Now that the Israeli elections have ended, we should pause to celebrate and praise our closest friend and ally in the Middle East, Israel, for its steadfast commitment to democracy and Western values. As Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, Israel is not what’s wrong in the Middle East — Israel is what is right in the Middle East. It now looks like the steady and familiar hand of the prime minister will continue to steer the Israeli ship of state after the resounding Likud victory. Israelis turned out to cast their votes in record numbers for dozens of political parties, ranging from the conservative religious groups to the far left and Israeli Arabs. The whole world saw that Israel is a land that cherishes free speech and open debate.

“Now, as Israeli society pulls together after this hard-fought election, so too should the United States and Israel recommit to their close partnership and undiminished friendship. Let us reaffirm our everlasting bond with Israel, our commitment to the defense and security of Israel, and our pledge to prevent Iran or any of Israel’s foes from gaining the capabilities to develop nuclear weapons and threatening the lifeblood of the Jewish state.”