Dec 01, 2018 /

McMorris Rodgers Mourns the Passing of President George H. W. Bush

“I will keep America moving forward, always forward, for a better America, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand Points of Light. This is my mission, and I will complete it.”
-President George H. W. Bush

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) released the following statement mourning the passing of former President George H. W. Bush.

“A few months after saying a tearful goodbye to a beloved First Lady, our nation mourns again for President George H. W. Bush.

“After a decade of Cold War, President Bush was the face of a new era, a stronger era, with America at the helm. We were tasked with being an example to the world that true prosperity can’t be bought with wars or suppression – it comes from freedom and the opportunity to pursue. Passionate, yet graceful, he fought always for ‘a better America, for an endless enduring dream, and a thousand points of light.’

“This is a mindset that President Bush carried with him throughout his presidency. In a grand Rose Garden ceremony 28 years ago, he signed into law the landmark legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act. This historic bill gave more than 50 million Americans with disabilities, just like my son Cole, the chance to live the American Dream and be defined only by their potential — not their limitations. I will forever be grateful for his leadership.

“President Bush had a storied career of service to our country, even when it meant putting personal ambitions on hold. He loved America, but more importantly, he loved his family. The hole in our hearts left by President Bush and his wife Barbara’s passing is filled with the joy of knowing they now walk with our Creator. May God bless the Bush family.”

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