Jul 24, 2014 / Disabilities

McMorris Rodgers: A Champion for the Disability Community

WASHINGTON, DC– Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) released the following statement today after delivering testimony before the Senate Committee on Finance in support of H.R. 647, the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, for which she is an original cosponsor and a longtime champion.

"As the mom of a son who was born with that extra 21st chromosome, my family understands firsthand how federal policies limit – not expand – the opportunities for those with disabilities.  And the ABLE Act will change that.  It will ensure that my son, Cole – and the millions like him who have special needs – will be able to save for their futures and reach their full potential. In Eastern Washington and across this country, individuals with disabilities and their families spend countless hours worrying about their financial security. This stress, coupled with outdated laws – laws that encourage a life of dependence rather than saving assets for future expenses – must change.

“As Americans, we want to empower everyone in this country – regardless of background or birth – and the ABLE Act will do that. It will empower millions of Americans, bringing independence for people with disabilities instead of requiring them to remain dependent on the federal government. It will help ensure that those with special needs will be able to save for their futures and reach their full potential – which every person should have the right to.”

The ABLE Act would allow parents of children with disabilities to save for their children’s future without jeopardizing their access to benefits, helping many of them escape from poverty while adding another layer of security.