Jan 19, 2016 / Agriculture

No on new regulation

Less than 24 hours after the President made a pledge to scale back regulations, the People’s House put him to the test.

Last week, I voted to disapprove of the Obama administration’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, a sweeping new regulation that will let the EPA micromanage everyone from our farmers to local landowners.

The resolution we passed will counteract the administration’s unilateral, harmful power grab. The federal government must return decision making to the communities and individuals that know best.

WOTUS is a prime example of the failed top-down, government-knows-best policies we’ve come to expect from President Obama’s administration. With an estimated indirect cost of $465 million a year, this regulation, created by unelected bureaucrats unaccountable to the American people, would impact millions of hardworking rural Americans in Eastern Washington and across the United States.

As your voice in the U.S. House, I want you to know this: I believe you will always be able to make better decisions for yourself than the federal government can.

Here’s a quick video I recorded for you just before I went to the floor to vote: