House Abraham Accords Caucus Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary of Historic Accords Signing

Bipartisan Caucus Hosts Event Commemorating Progress Towards Peace

Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives Abraham Accords Caucus hosted a roundtable event yesterday in partnership with the American Jewish Committee, ISRAEL-Is, and representatives from many of the Abraham Accords countries to reflect on the historic signing of the Abraham Accords Declaration. The event was led by Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) and Brad Schneider (IL-10), co-chairs of the caucus, in collaboration with Representatives Ann Wagner (MO-02) and David Trone (MD-06.

Together, the lawmakers shined a spotlight on the significance of the two-year anniversary while focusing on the progress made towards peace in the Middle East.  

“Two years ago today, the United States made historic progress towards achieving peace in the Middle East with the signing of the Abraham Accords Declaration. This long sought-after agreement marked the beginning of a new journey together in pursuit of creating a better, safer, and more prosperous world for our children and grandchildren,” said Rodgers. “Today, I can say with confidence that we are making great progress thanks to the tremendous work of our international partners and the work of my colleagues on the Abraham Accords Caucus on Capitol Hill. We are making significant strides to uphold and promote the values of human dignity, freedom, and hope around the world. I am proud of our work to this point and believe the best is yet to come!”

The Abraham Accords Declaration was signed on September 15, 2020 by the United States, Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates to recognize the importance of maintaining and strengthening peace in the Middle East and around the world. Additionally, it was later signed by Morocco and Sudan.

“Two years ago today, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain signed the Abraham Accords on the White House lawn, soon joined by Morocco and Sudan. The historic agreements launched a shift toward peace and normalization between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Schneider. “New economic opportunities, innovations, and partnerships continue to strengthen and grow, powered by the deepening ties between Israel and its neighbors. Yesterday in the Capitol, members of the House Abraham Accords Caucus were joined by young leaders from Abraham Accords countries to celebrate the 2nd anniversary and the many positive impacts of the Accords across the region. I and my fellow Caucus co-chairs look forward to continuing our efforts to deepen and expand the Accords to advance safety and prosperity in the region.”

This historic agreement, which is based on respect for human dignity and freedom, seeks tolerance and respect for every person in order to make this world a place where all can enjoy a life of dignity and hope, no matter their race, faith or ethnicity.

On the 1-year anniversary of the signing last year, the lawmakers helped launch the bipartisan, bicameral Abraham Accords Caucus.

The caucus is co-chaired by Rodgers, Schneider, Wagner, and Trone, and has grown to more than 30 members since its founding.

The lawmakers partnered with the American Jewish Committee and ISRAEL-Is, a non-governmental organization that aims to connect young Israelis with their peers from across the Middle East and North Africa. Representatives from each of the Abraham Accords countries were also in attendance to share their perspective on the Accords and highlight the tremendous benefits and opportunities they have brought to their respective nations.

Click here to learn more about the guests at Wednesday’s event.

Click here to learn more about the Abraham Accords Caucus.


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