In the News: McMorris Rodgers’s USA Act


This week, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) introduced the USA Act, which she notes is “… just one of the many ideas being promoted as we build an agenda in the People’s House – an agenda to restore a confident America.”

The USA Act is McMorris Rodgers’s latest effort to help restore the voice of, “We, the People,” and we don’t want you to miss the headlines:

The Weekly Standard: House Legislation Would Corral Government ‘Zombies’

“It’s been the night of the living debt in Washington for decades now. Government programs that Congress hasn’t expressly approved to receive money keep operating on the taxpayer’s dime, and the cost is no pocket change. These “unauthorized” programs, zombies of the federal budget, total more than $300 billion — about one-quarter of the spending over which lawmakers have complete control each year.

“The programs also have caught the eye of fiscal hawks in Congress. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the House Republican Conference chairwoman, introduced legislation Monday that would prompt Congress to review and re-up unauthorized programs, or watch them be cut off after a three-year period. … ‘I believe that we do need to restore the voice of the people, the power of the purse, the accountability to the citizens who are the ones that are paying their hard-earned dollars,’ [McMorris Rodgers] said. ‘One of our top priorities the next few weeks is to focus on some ideas, some specific policy solutions that are going to restore our constitutional role as representatives of the people.’”


The Washington Free Beacon: House GOP Conference Chair Unveils Bill to Fight Government ‘Zombies’

“The bill, called the Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act, is backed by more than a dozen organizations that agree it would boost oversight and rein in unnecessary government spending.

“The legislation would pressure Congress to reexamine government programs whose authorizations have expired by subjecting such programs to a rolling sequester, which would take place over three years and end with a complete elimination of funding if lawmakers have not acted to reauthorize the program. Currently, the federal government funds 256 unauthorized programs costing $310.4 billion, including entire agencies such as the State Department, according to the Congressional Budget Office. …

“McMorris Rodgers, who chairs the House Republican conference, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview that the bill would ease Americans’ frustrations about rampant government spending by ensuring that their elected representatives are scrutinizing the agencies and programs funded by their tax dollars.

“ ‘This is all part of restoring our power of the purse, our constitutional role, and ensuring the accountability to the people … What we’ve seen from a lot of these agencies is that they become arrogant, they become disconnected from their mission, and this restores the accountability with the elected representatives.


The Daily Caller: GOP Congresswoman Introduces Bill To End ‘Zombie Programs’ [VIDEO]

“A January report released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office showed the government spent $310 billion on expired programs authorized under 256 separate laws for fiscal year 2016. …

“McMorris Rodgers told The Daily Caller News Foundation the issue is a top priority for congressional Republicans and believes the legislation will receive a broad base of support in both chambers. … ‘I think people recognize that one of our top priorities is to restore the voice of the people and really address the frustration we hear from a lot of Americans, that they don’t like so many of these agencies and that so many decisions are being made by a top-down government thinking it knows best .. it’s an idea I think should be a part of restoring the power of the purse and restoring the constitutional role that we have as elected representatives to ensure this type of accountability is taking place.’”

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