McMorris Rodgers Statement on Release of Health Care Bill

Oct 30, 2009
Health Care

New Health Care Proposal Unveiled in House

2,000 Page Bill Will Cost $1 Trillion 

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), issued the following statement on the release of a new health care proposal by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the U.S. House.

“I’m very concerned about the health care proposal released by Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats today.  It is going to hit hard working families and seniors hardest.”

“Unfortunately, this latest version is nothing more than a government takeover of health care that will ultimately raise taxes on hard working families, make severe cuts to Medicare, and put a government bureaucrat between patients and their doctors.”

“Americans want real health care reform that will lower costs while at the same time protecting access to physician of choice. The Majority has promised again and again that if you like the health insurance plan you have today, you won't have to change it. The Majority’s bill shows a different agenda.  The Medicare Advantage program that serves hundreds of thousands of seniors is going to be severely cut back causing insurance to be cancelled or premiums to skyrocket.”

“As we've said before, this Pelosi program is the wrong prescription for America. Now is the time to implement a bipartisan solutions that reform healthcare where its needed. We can do this by reigning in lawsuits and utilizing information technology to increase efficiency within the system.  We can guarantee coverage of pre-existing conditions and allow more competition across state lines without reinventing the whole health care system. These commonsense improvements are far better than the wholesale government takeover of the medical system that was proposed today.”

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