Big Tech: My Biggest Fear as a Parent

WATCH: Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) joined America Reports this afternoon to talk about the growing need to hold Big Tech accountable for failing to protect our children and keep our private data out of the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

Below are highlights from her interview with Fox News’ John Roberts:

Protecting Our Children
“My biggest fear as a parent to three young kids is Big Tech. We are learning more about how Big Tech functions – that they’ve built these platforms, their algorithms, to not just engage our children, but to keep them on these programs as long as possible.”

“They know that it’s actually impacting their mental health. They know that – whether it’s passive observation on these platforms – that it is absolutely harming our kids. We must have answers, and we must hold them accountable.”

“We must hold big tech accountable, we must stop this censorship, and we must protect our kids.”

Big Tech and China
“We know that there is a close relationship between Big tech and the Chinese Communist Party, and it is of grave concern to us when you consider how much personal information these tech companies are collecting on all of us.”

Mental Health Crisis
“We need some transparency. We have a mental health and a suicide crisis. Even before COVID, the number of suicides in high schools in Eastern Washington was alarming, and those numbers are escalating right now. We know now that Big Tech has done research. They know that their platforms are having a negative impact on mental health, and we must hold them accountable.”

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