My Votes – Week of December 28th

Jan 01, 2021


**A suspension bill is a bill passed by the House through suspending the rules to move quickly, circumventing the House Rules Committee. Suspension bills are typically less controversial pieces of legislation, and as the rules are being suspended, they require a higher threshold, two-thirds of those voting in the House, to pass. Additionally, these bills are often passed by a voice vote, without a formal roll call vote.

Result and Date Bill # Bill Title My Vote What it means for you and your family



H.R. 9051 Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help Act of 2020 NO This untargeted legislation would add over $456 billion to the cost of the extensive coronavirus aid bill already signed by the President. I support targeted stimulus support that keeps our economy going and our jobs and incomes safe over un-targeted massive federal spending that will be gone in weeks and saddle our children and grandchildren with billions more dollars in debt.



H.R. 6395 Veto Message to Accompany the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 6395 YES This legislation overrides the President’s veto to the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, which provides $740.5B for national defense. The number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect the nation, and the NDAA is critical to keeping American families safe and secure. The FY21 NDAA deters Chinese and Russian aggression, implements safeguards for our Nation’s cybersecurity, and gives our troops the resources they need to protect our freedoms. While I agree with the President on holding Big Tech accountable on Section 230, we also need to ensure our troops–like those at Fairchild Air Force Base– have the resources they need for our national defense. As Ranking Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the 117th Congress, I will review and pursue reforms to Section 230 to protect free speech online and stop censorship of political beliefs.


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