My Votes – Week of February 27th

Mar 17, 2023


A rule bill is a bill passed through a full House vote under a rule that has been voted and agreed upon by the Rules Committee. Rule bills require a simple majority of the House to pass (218 votes) through a recorded vote.


H.J.Res. 30

Providing for Congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Department of Labor relating to “Prudence and Loyalty in Selecting Plan Investments and Exercising Shareholder Rights”

Passed  |  216-204
My Vote  |  YES

This joint resolution invalidates a Department of Labor rule to make sure your retirement plan is optimized for the highest return, not the Democrats’ woke agenda.


H.R. 347

Reduced Exacerbated Inflation Negatively Impacting the Nation (REIN IN) Act

Passed  |  272-148
My Vote  |  YES

Requires the president to report on how their executive orders will impact inflation.


A suspension bill is a bill passed by the House through suspending the rules to move quickly, circumventing the House Rules Committee. Suspension bills are typically less controversial pieces of legislation, and as the rules are being suspended, they require a higher threshold, two-thirds of those voting in the House, to pass. Additionally, these bills are often passed by a voice vote, without a formal roll call vote.


H.R. 1108

To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to extend the authority of the Federal Communications Commission to grant a license or construction permit through a system of competitive bidding

Passed  | VOICE
My Vote  |  YES

Extends the Federal Communications Commission’s ability to conduct auctions for companies to acquire access to Spectrum.


H.R. 1059

Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarization

Passed  |  VOICE
My Vote  |  YES

Allows a notary public commissioned under state law to remotely notarize electronic records and perform notarizations for remotely located individuals.


H.J.Res 132

Responding to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023

Passed  |  414-2
My Vote  |  YES

This resolution mourns the loss of life in Turkey and Syria caused by the earthquakes in Turkey on February 6, 2023. The resolution also (1) applauds the work of humanitarian aid and rescue workers on the ground; and (2) condemns the efforts by the Assad regime of Syria to exploit the disaster to evade international pressure and accountability, including by preventing the United Nations from providing assistance through border crossings between Turkey and Syria.


H.R. 538

Informing Consumers about Smart Devices Act

Passed  |  406-12
My Vote  |  YES

This bill requires manufacturers of internet-connected devices that are equipped with a camera or microphone to disclose to consumers that a camera or microphone is part of the device.

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