My Votes – Week of February 3rd

Feb 07, 2020

**A rule bill is a bill passed through a full House vote under a rule that has been voted and agreed upon by the Rules Committee. Rule bills require a simple majority of the House to pass (218 votes) through a recorded vote.

Result and Date Bill #           Bill Title My Vote What it means for you and your family



H.R. 2474 Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019 NO This bill will deprive millions of workers of their privacy and right to free choice while fundamentally altering America’s system of labor relations.



H. Res. 826 Expressing disapproval of the Trump administration’s harmful actions towards Medicaid NO This non-binding resolution is misleading. I gave a floor speech in opposition of this resolution which you can watch here.



H.R. 5687 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief and Puerto Rico Disaster Tax Relief Act NO $44 billion has already been allocated for Puerto Rico disaster relief over the past 3 years and not all of that has been spent yet. FEMA also has yet to complete its report on the most recent damage estimate and this funding bill is likely much greater than what is needed. 


**A suspension bill is a bill passed by the House through suspending the rules to move quickly, circumventing the House Rules Committee. Suspension bills are typically less controversial pieces of legislation, and as the rules are being suspended, they require a higher threshold, two-thirds of those voting in the House, to pass. Additionally, these bills are often passed by a voice vote, without a formal roll call vote.

Result and Date Bill #           Bill Title My Vote What it means for you and your family



H.R. 4044 Protect and Restore America’s Estuaries Act YES This bill increases the amount of funding to protect the environmental health of estuaries, where streams and rivers meet the ocean.



H.R. 4031 Great Lakes Restoration initiative Act of 2019 YES Ensures that vital efforts to protect our water can continue and that we can address new and emerging threats to our lakes and waterways.



H.R. 2382 USPS Fairness Act YES The USPS Fairness Act eliminates unfair financial obligations imposed on USPS in the interest of future solvency.


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