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Thank you for your tour request. Our team is excited to help schedule tours for your visit to our nation's capital. Your trip to the "other Washington" is a big one, and we are here to help make it the best experience possible! In the meantime, below are a few of the congresswoman's favorite places to visit in town. She highly recommends paying a visit to the historic monuments, museums, and other attractions during your time in Washington, D.C.


United States Supreme Court

  The Supreme Court tours offer visitors the opportunity to explore one of the most important institutions in the United States. The Supreme Court serves as the highest court in the land and plays a crucial role in interpreting the Constitution. During tours, visitors can witness the majestic architecture, learn about the Court's history and functions, and gain insights into landmark cases and the justice's roles. The Supreme Court is open to the public for self-guided tours when the Court is not in session. Follow the link above to view the Court's calendar indicating whether or not the Court is open to the public  

National Archives

  The National Archives tours provide a fascinating journey into the heart of American history and the preservation of some of our most important documents. The National Archives houses a vast collection of historical records, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Through interactive displays and immersive experiences, visitors gain a deeper appreciation for the country's heritage and the pivotal moments that have shaped the United States.  

United States Botanic Garden

  The U.S. Botanic Garden is a living plant museum that showcases a remarkable collection of plants from around the world. During these tours, visitors can wander through the various themed gardens, including tropical rainforests, desert landscapes, and native plant displays. With its stunning greenhouses, outdoor gardens, and commitment to conservation and education, a tour of the U.S. Botanic Garden is a memorable and enriching experience for visitors of all ages.  

National Mall and Monuments

  The National Mall is home to iconic landmarks, monuments, and museums in Washington D.C. Visitors can explore the expansive green spaces and walk along the tree-lined pathways that connect the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the U.S. Capitol. Please follow the above link to learn more about the various guided tours that are offered year-round and the many different sites to see.  

Smithsonian Museums

  The Smithsonian Institution consists of several museums and galleries that offer visitors an incredible opportunity to explore a world-renowned collection of art, history, science, and culture. These tours allow visitors to delve into diverse topics, spanning everything from natural history to space exploration, American art to African American history, and much more. All of these museums are free and open to the public year-round. Follow the link above to learn more about all the Smithsonian Institution has to offer.  

Ford's Theatre

  Visiting Ford's Theatre offers visitors a unique glimpse into American history and the legacy of President Lincoln. Visitors can explore the theatre's restored interior, which transports them back to the time of Lincoln's presidency and even stand in the very spot where President Lincoln was shot and witness the preserved box where he sat. Additionally, the Ford's Theatre Museum, located below the theatre, houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits that delver deeper into Lincoln's presidency and the context of the Civil War.  

Arlington National Cemetery

  Tours at Arlington National Cemetery offer a solemn and poignant experience, paying tribute to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. During these tours, visitors can explore the vast expanse of beautifully landscaped grounds, marked by rows of white gravestones that stretch as far as the eye can see. Visitors can witness the solemn Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visit the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Arlington National Cemetery is open to the public from 8:00a to 7:00p April through September and from 8:00a to 5:00p October through March.  

Holocaust Memorial Museum

  Tours at the Holocaust Memorial Museum offer a powerful and somber exploration of one of the darkest chapters in human history. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust, honoring its victims, and educating visitors about the atrocities committed during this period. Knowledgeable guides provide historical context, personal stories, and accounts of survivors. Visitors can witness artifacts, photographs, and videos that provide a glimpse into the unimaginable suffering and resilience of the victims. Please follow the link above for additional information and services available at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.