Seniors in Our District

“The greatest generation our country has ever seen is getting older and we owe it to them to ensure that the sacrifices they made were worthwhile. I am committed to honoring their hard work and the sacrifices they’ve made.  After all, without them, this country wouldn’t be what it is today.”


Interesting Facts and Background:

  • The fastest growing age group in the country is people older than 65.
  • There are over 110,000 seniors in Eastern Washington alone.
  • In Eastern Washington there are 107,748 Medicare Beneficiaries (the 2nd highest in the state).
  • Over 10,000 seniors in Eastern Washington have health insurance through Medicare Advantage plans which provide comprehensive, coordinated coverage – at significantly lower out-of-pocket cost.
  • In Eastern Washington, the Older Americans Act, which I have supported, has helped facilitate the delivery of 156,00 home meals through Meals on Wheels, legal advice for over 500 seniors, and over 4,500 individuals receiving family caregiver support.
  • I am the founder of the Congressional Community Pharmacy Coalition. Community pharmacies are often the only places available to purchase prescription drugs and they are on the verge of extinction. The loss of these pharmacies would leave many people, including a large number of seniors, with no way to receive necessary medications


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