Tracking Federal Funds  (Office of Management and Budget)

A free, searchable database of federal government spending based upon Census and General Services Administration statistical data. Grants (Assistance tab) and Contracts must be searched separately: by individual organization or grant recipient; by place of performance, including by congressional district; or by federal department or agency.

Federal Aid to States  (Census Bureau)

FAS details actual expenditures of federal grant funds to state and local governments. Figures are presented to the state level by program area and agency.

Consolidated Federal Funds Report (Census Bureau)

In CFFR, grants generally represent obligations and include payments both to state and local governments and to nongovernmental recipients. Data is provided for state and county levels.

FY22 Member Designated Surface Transportation Submissions

The FY22 surface transportation legislation established a new process for member designated projects. Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers sought proposals from Eastern Washington and submitted 33 projects to the bill for consideration.

FY22 Community Project Funding Submissions

The FY22 appropriations bill established a new process for community project funding submissions. Each Member of Congress is allowed 10 submissions across all of the appropriations bills.