Mar 09, 2017 /

VIDEO: McMorris Rodgers Delivers Remarks After The Markup of the American Health Care Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 9, 2017)–Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05), Chair of the House Republican Conference, delivered remarks on March 9, 2017, after the 27-hour-long markup of the American Health Care Act by the Energy and Commerce Committee.

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McMorris Rodgers’ remarks are as follows:

“I am very proud to be joining my colleagues today. We are on a mission to rescue America from Obamacare, a well-intentioned bill but it has failed in its promises and it has failed in its goals. This debate over how we ensure that people have access to quality and affordable health care is a top priority for us.

And, I am proud to be here today–we just finished 27 hours– it’s a record-long markup. I want to compliment the chairman, Greg Walden, for his approach. It was a very open and transparent process where all members were engaged for many, many hours. We are going to continue this. We want to hear from people — we want everyone in this country to have access to quality, affordable health care.

One of the biggest debates in the committee was over Medicaid reform. As you think about Medicaid, it is such an important safety net. Some of our most vulnerable in this country depend upon Medicaid. We want to make sure those Medicaid dollars are used and spent to those who need it the most. And that’s where you see us enacting reforms that are going to create more flexibility at the state level. Rather than Washington state a year ago having to ask for a Medicaid waiver from the federal government, they would have the flexibility to structure that program themselves, set the priorities, provide some innovative ways to provide support for those with disabilities, our pregnant women and children and those that are mentally ill so that they can get the wrap around services and get better results at a lower cost.

Those are the types of reforms that we are encouraging. I’m proud of the work of the committee and we’re anxious to get it through the House in the next few weeks.”

Note: On Wednesday, March 8, McMorris Rodgers gave remarks at the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference, saying “We are on a mission to repeal and replace Obamacare. It’s a rescue mission to save families and patients all across this country.” (Download on YouTube video here) Also on Wednesday, at the beginning of the House Energy and Commerce Committee markup of The American Health Care Act, McMorris Rodgers delivered opening remarks, saying “We’re on a rescue mission. Obamacare, though well-intentioned, has failed. People in Eastern Washington are paying more and more for health care.” (Download the YouTube video here)