Biden’s First Veto Comes For Your 401(k)

Earlier this month, Republicans and Democrats in Congress came together to pass a bill that would protect your retirement savings from being invested in President Biden’s woke climate agenda. The goal was simple: prevent your retirement savings from becoming a political football.

The president didn’t see it that way. He vetoed this legislation the moment it arrived on his desk, making it clear that he’s more interested in his political agenda than your retirement. Not only is this an egregious overreach, but it’s just not right. That’s why I used my Constitutional authority this week in an attempt to override the president’s veto.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the votes we needed from House Democrats to be successful. But that won’t stop me from keeping the pressure on. I am going to do everything I can to hold President Biden accountable and make sure you are able to save for your retirement without supporting any radical agendas.

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