Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ on Pause

May 20, 2022

Did you see the good news? President Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board (a.k.a. the Ministry of Truth) has officially been put on hold. This is a big win for freedom-loving Americans who shared my concern that we were getting dangerously close to living in a dystopian Orwell novel.

From the beginning, I have fought President Biden’s attempts to tell Americans what to think and say, as well as his efforts to pressure Big Tech into silencing opinions they disagree with. This is as un-American as it gets. So while I’m glad to see his Ministry of Truth stopped in its tracks, this board should have never existed in the first place, and we must continue to work to uphold the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression. 

Because the answer to speech we disagree with should always be more speech, not less. Freedom of speech must always prevail – that’s the American way. You can read more about my efforts to disband Biden’s Ministry of Truth HERE.

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