Our Commitment To A Future That’s Free

Oct 13, 2022

Over the last two years, President Biden and House Democrats have made it clear that they are more interested in holding on to power than preserving the freedoms we hold dear. From lockdowns and mandates to heavy-handed government policies, the American people have seen their freedoms slowly erode, and they’ve had enough.

House Republicans are committed to creating a future that’s built on freedom for you and your family, and we have a plan to make it happen.

Make Sure Every Student Can Succeed and Give Parents a Voice

When Governor Inslee shut down schools in Washington state, teachers unions still got paid but students bore the costs. Keeping children out of the classroom has caused test scores to plummet as much as 20 percentage points, setting them back at a pace they may never be able to overcome.

What’s worse, when parents tried to understand what their children were being taught and how their tax dollars were being spent, they weren’t just ignored—they were targeted by the Biden administration and labeled as “domestic terrorists.” This is reprehensible.

Parents know what’s best for their children, which is why we are committed to making sure your voice is heard by advancing the Parents Bill of Rights:

Our classrooms should be for teaching the fundamentals needed to set our kids up for success. No more political agendas. No more radical ideals. End of story.

Achieve Longer, Healthier Lives for Americans

America is home to the best medical care in the world thanks to talented doctors and innovative treatments. But Democrats are determined to squander all these advantages by imposing a top-down, one-size-fits-all government approach that will only lead to rationed care and worse services. Under Democrats’ one-party rule, health insurance premiums have increased by 17 percent thanks to inflation. On top of that, their radical drug takeover scheme could lead to 135 fewer lifesaving treatments and cures for those who need it most.

House Republicans have a different approach that involves investing in lifesaving cures and lowering drug prices through transparency, choice, and competition. We want to improve access to telemedicine — especially in rural communities — and personalize care to provide affordable options and better, quality care. 

I am already leading the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act to make sure every single American has access to affordable health care coverage, regardless of conditions out of their control. I’m also leading the Lower Costs, More Cures Act to help bring more generic drugs to market faster, make insulin more affordable for our loved ones, lower out-of-pocket spending for seniors, boost access to new medicines and cures, and bring much-needed transparency to drug pricing.

In a future built on freedom, no one will have to live in fear over how they will pay for their prescription medications, especially when they are living with a rare or chronic illness. Because our American solutions will save lives, lower costs, and uphold the dignity and right of every person to live a full life.

Confront Big Tech and Demand Fairness

Big Tech and their social media platforms have become my biggest fear as a parent. Children between the ages 8-18 years old now spend 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen, and it’s taking a devastating toll on their mental health. Rates of depression, self-harm, suicides, and suicide attempts have exploded among American teens, and Big Tech has done nothing about it.

They’ve also failed to promote the battle of ideas and free speech by censoring political viewpoints they disagree with, and the Biden administration has just gone along with it. This is a blatant failure to uphold the First Amendment, and House Republicans are ready to hold them accountable.

For too long, freedoms have been trampled on to advance the Left’s radical agenda. It’s time for that to end once and for all. It’s time to bring common sense back to Congress and restore your freedoms. That’s our Commitment to America.

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