Protecting American Resources From China

As you already know, President Biden has been selling off and exporting oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) to countries like China, which now has the world’s largest government-controlled stockpile. Meanwhile, America’s reserves are at the lowest level since 1983

The good news is that the House just passed my bill, the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) from China Act, to hold the president accountable for depleting America’s SPR and selling it to our adversaries. We made a promise to bring an end to this misguided practice and today we delivered. 

I spoke on the House Floor earlier today to emphasize how important this legislation is to our energy security and keeping our country powered during emergencies. You can watch my remarks here:

In case you missed it, as the new chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I also hosted a roundtable this week on one of the most critical issues facing our nation: sky high energy costs. We dove into some of the ways Republicans plan to unleash American energy and help drive down energy prices that are making it difficult for families to get by. I was glad to have Dan Alasker, President of Alsaker Corporation in Spokane, with us to share his perspective on how the energy crisis is impacting businesses in the Pacific Northwest. 

CLICK HERE to watch the roundtable.

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