Clean Energy

My Position on Clean Energy

The United States is blessed with tremendous energy resources — and we need an energy strategy that embraces American energy dominance and innovation. We need a bold, comprehensive, all-of-the-above energy strategy to win the future and secure cleaner American energy. This must include real, workable solutions that unleash innovation in hydropower, nuclear, clean coal, and natural gas to reduce emissions, prioritize energy security, and keep energy costs low.

My Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act is just one example of my work to ensure Eastern Washington continues to lead the way on clean, renewable, affordable, and reliable energy for generations to come. The way we solve the climate crisis is through free-market technological innovation, and in addition to expanding hydropower resources, this legislation supports the development of next-generation hydro technology that can increase clean energy production and further decrease environmental impact.

To this day, I continue fighting to protect the Columbia and Snake River dams. Any proposals to breach these dams is a non-starter for me because these dams are responsible for generating 70% of Washington State’s energy, creating thousands of jobs, mitigating dangerous flood risks, and keeping our energy costs at some of the lowest in the country.

Additionally, the bipartisan Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act, which I co-authored, streamlined the permitting process for small hydropower and conduit projects. The legislation passed the House unanimously and was signed into law by the President in 2013.

The bottom line is that by investing in American energy and reducing our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, we can lower energy prices and retake control of our economic destiny.

Clean Energy Updates

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