McMorris Rodgers Calls on Companies Sponsoring the Beijing Olympics to Stand up Against China’s Human Rights Abuses

ICYMI: Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) yesterday appeared on Fox Network’s America Reports to discuss the letter she sent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) partners.

The Chinese Communist Party continues to commit atrocious human rights abuses—from genocide to forced labor and the suppression of free speech. Yet the IOC official corporate partners—including both American and foreign multinational corporations that rely on American consumers—have remained silent on the CCP’s abuses and neglect to defend civil liberties and human rights. 

The letter asks companies to share how they will use their “creative and financial investments in the games to shed light on what media coverage and commercials will likely not showcase – China’s history of human rights abuses and calculated deception.” 

Below are highlights from yesterday’s interview, which you can watch here.

Holding International Olympic Committee Partners Accountable

“We are appealing to these American companies, to companies that depend upon American consumers to defend human rights. In this letter we ask the question: “Where is the red line? If it’s not human rights, if it’s not slave labor, silencing and disappearing citizens, genocide, where’s that red line? Or is it really about their bottom line?” 

“We’re calling on them to defend human values and our integrity and to take action to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party. We ask questions about what their financial interests are, questions about supply chains, as well as their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.”

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Airbnb. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Alibaba Group. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Allianz. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Atos. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Bridgestone. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Coca Cola. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Intel. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Omega. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Panasonic. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Proctor & Gamble. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Samsung. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to Toyota. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter to VISA. 


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