Keeping Communities Safe

My Position on Keeping Communities Safe

I believe that in order to keep our communities safe, we must do more to support our men and women who put on the uniform each and every day. At the same time, recent tragic events across the country have highlighted the importance of ensuring justice for all — no matter race, creed, or religion. The rule of law depends on the fairness of our legal system.

Congress must work together to seek reforms to policing in America and work to rebuild the trust that has been broken. We must also increase transparency and accountability within local police departments and prioritize training resources so our police can better protect and serve our communities.

We must never turn our backs on those who keep us safe. Our men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line, work on holidays, and miss their child’s sporting event for us. Their sacrifice allows us to sleep easy at night knowing that they are out there keeping crime and dangerous drugs off of our streets. I will always be a strong and proud supporter of our law enforcement.

Keeping Communities Safe Updates

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