Environment & Climate Change

My Position on Environment & Climate Change

Clearly, the climate is changing, and global industrial activity is a contributing factor. Humans must play a role in reducing carbon emissions and being good stewards of our natural resources, which is why I have fought for years for the advancement of clean energy solutions.

While I agree that we must address climate change, Democrats’ pie-in-the-sky, top-down government approach will only cripple America with debt, destroy jobs, and empower China to beat us in the global economy. Instead, we must do it the American way – with freedom to create, not socialism to control.

To win the future, we must utilize an all-of-the-above energy strategy that unleashes American innovation and delivers real results. As Lead Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, I am leading the Securing Cleaner American Energy agenda to address climate change risks and spur the development and deployment of clean energy infrastructure.

Our response must include real, workable solutions that unleash innovation in hydropower, nuclear, clean coal, and natural gas to make energy cleaner, reduce emissions, prioritize energy security, and keep energy costs low.

I also strongly support working to improve salmon returns here in the Pacific Northwest, which is why we must be a driving force to stop the illegal dumping of toxic pollution into Puget Sound that is jeopardizing critical salmon stocks and further endangering the orca population in the Pacific Ocean. The challenges before us are great, but together, I’m confident we can find the right path forward.

Environment & Climate Change Updates

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